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Famil review: Spirit of Chile with South America Tourism Office

SATO business development manager Nadina Bross recently hosted a famil for a group of seven travel agents to discover the ‘Sprit of Chile’, staying in the luxurious, all inclusive Tierra Properties in Atacama, Chile and Patagonia. Here, she reports exclusively for Traveltalk.

From North to South we were lucky to experience the diversity Chile has to offer. So get your hiking boots ready and enjoy...


El Tatio Geysers


Our trip began in the North of Chile where we spent a few nights in San Pedro Atacama. Arriving in the desert at 2,500m above sea level, the Atacama Desert has so much more to offer than expected. At a height of 4,500m above sea level we braved the -10 degrees to see the amazing El Tatio Gysers, 3rd biggest geysers in the world.


Soaked in the magical experience of watching the sunset over the Atacama Salt Flats with the Pink Flamingos nearby and visited the ‘Moon Valley’ lookout to see the stunning views of the Andes Mountains and active volcanoes. With star gazing being so prominent here you don’t want to miss this experience either.


Tierra famil


“If you are interested in seeing the night sky studded with stars this will be very exciting to do. The Atacama Desert is known to be one of the best places on earth for stargazing, thanks to its lack of artificial light and endless expanse of untouched desert. Tierra Hotel has access to the largest public telescope in the region, as well as expert guides who are on hand to talk about the stars you can see with your naked eye as well as other constellations which you can only see through their large telescope. The guide was able to point out many constellations that we can see but not always sure of how to connect the ‘stars’.  We were able to see Jupiter and 4 of its moons through a less powerful telescope.  The constellations you see will vary with the time of the year. To see the Milky Way stretching across the sky was a highlight for me, so many stars. After looking at the sky we were given an informative presentation on the planets and the universe. Also, some stars and clusters that cannot be seen from the Southern Hemisphere.” – Alicia Philips, Orbit Travel, Leisure Travel Specialist


Chiloe Island


From desert to island... it was hello Chiloe Island! With over 100 islands and quaint little towns, Chiloe has 12 UNESCO World Heritage listed Churches. We enjoyed a 3 night stay here and spotted some dolphins on our boat trip, hiked from one side of an island to the other, kayaked in calm waters, shopped at the local handicraft markets, visited an organic family owned farm, and tried some local dishes. 


Then from island to glaciers… it was hello Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia! What a bucket list destination for hiking in the National Park, see the picturesque ‘Three Fingers’ mountains and ‘The Horns’ mountains, horseback riding in the rainforest, a visit to the ‘Blue Lagoon’ and boat excursion to see the incredible Glaciers on Grey Lake. We also spotted some beautiful wildlife including massive condor birds, Guanacos and plenty of Eagles just to name a few.


Blue Lagoon, Torres Del Paine NP


“The hike up to the 3 Towers, Cordillera Paine, would have to be in my top 20 walks I have done. The autumn colours were absolutely breathtaking. The never ending changing panorama made the walk very easy and most enjoyable. The guide set an easy pace and was very caring and made sure everyone in the group was safe at all times. We had lunch at the lake at base of the towers which was very spectacular. As always, the food was ample and we were spoilt with warm homemade soup which was a delight on a cold windy day. I would definitely recommend this walk to my clients that are reasonably fit. One can set out to do the walk and if it proves to be too hard you can rest and wait in the teahouse half way up” – Uli Lenitschek, Managing Director, Travel Experience, QLD.


Finally, we enjoyed our last two days in the capital Santiago! No better way to end the trip than doing a ‘Foodie Tour’ to visit the Central Market. We saw the most amazing produce and learnt how to cook the most delicious local dishes in a warm family home atmosphere. Now I can say I have tried ‘Ceviche’.


Foodie tour


Thank you to the Tierra Hotels in Atacama, Chiloe & Patagonia for your warm hospitality and impeccable 5-star service. Among all 3 properties you provided the most memorable experience at each place.


Tierra’s all inclusive “Spirit of Chile” 7 night Package now on sale! Save $1200 per person + 1 bonus night at Hotel Le Rêve in Santiago with return airport transfers, when you book 7 nights at any two Tierra properties.


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Written by: Nadina Bross
Published: 15 May 2018

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