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World Expo 2020: The show you can’t afford to miss

Imagine a world expo. Now Dubai-ify it. Make it bigger, more impressive. Try this: 192 country pavilions housed in what can only be called architectural visions, 60+ live events every day for six months, 34 Michelin stars on site. Welcome to World Expo 2020, dubbed the world’s greatest show of our time.




We’ve already missed many of the world’s leaps into the future. Here’s our chance to see new ones.



The year 2020 sounds futuristic, even if it is the present. But literal walls are being built between countries, nations are being battered by catastrophic natural disasters and a virus is impacting the free movement of people. Sometimes it feels more like we are living at the beginning of the nineteenth century, than nearing the middle of the 21st. 


And it is through all this that the World Expo 2020 prepares to open later this year in Dubai. The theme for the expo is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ and one hopes that here, perhaps, away from politics and national disputes, some answers will be found. 



World Expos of years past have unveiled some impressive innovations (the ice-cream cone in 1904, the mobile phone in 1970, not to forget the typewriter, television and even Heinz tomato sauce). But they have also aimed to promote cultural exchange. 


And so in the first world expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa or the South Asia region, a record 192 country pavilions will come together to put on a pretty fabulous show. 


The 1889 World Expo gave us the Eiffel Tower, Seattle’s Space Needle came from 1962’s. And this year, the world will get Dubai’s Al Wasl Plaza. The heart of the Expo site in Dubai South, Al Wasl (which means connection) will connect the three main districts fo the site and offers the world’s biggest 360-degree projection surface on its steel dome.



In the past, the biggest source market for expo visitors came from the hosting country, but this year, Dubai is expecting 70% of the estimated 25 million visitors to come from overseas. And with 180,000 rooms across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there’s enough room for them all. 


Easy to get to, the World Expo makes for a great stopover destination for Aussies. Held during Dubai’s winter, the weather is set to be lovely and where else will you be able to visit 192 countries, eat in over 200+ dining outlets and watch some pretty big headliners (yet to be announced)?


Tickets are also super affordable and while they can be purchased on site, will soon be available from authorised ticket sellers in Australia.


For travel agents interested in becoming authorised ticket resellers, contact 

[email protected].


For more info (and to check out how the Aussie pavilion stacks up against everyone else’s), head to

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Published: 14 February 2020

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