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The Croatian cave that'll leave you feeling blue

JENNY ROWLAND wraps up her Adriatic cruise with a visit to Croatia's second biggest city - and a mysterious cave...


My magical island tour has turned into a slight “mystery” magical island tour - the small family-run cruise that I'm on has changed our itinerary around slightly, to avoid bad weather. How cool is that? So, the one rainy day that was forecast has now magically turned into a blue, top deck sunbathing kind of day.


One of the many benefits of small ship cruising is this sort of flexibility, not to mention the ease of getting in and out, and on and off at our ports of call.


This family-run crew, led by owner “Boris” himself, has gone out of its way to provide the optimum island hopping experience.



The slight shuffle in the schedule has enabled us to see the famous blue cave today. This has definitely been a huge highlight of the tour and the big ticket item we were all looking forward to.


Entering the tiny hole to get into the cave was slightly nerve-wracking, but worth it once we got inside this shimmering, blue-glow, geographical wonder of nature. 



It's going to be difficult to top this, but our final destination - the town of Split - runs it very close. Croatia’s second biggest city, seaside Split is crammed full of forts, cathedrals and ancient buildings, as well a UNESCO World Heritage-listed palace.


My craving for Croatia has been well and truly satisfied. I now understand why it’s become such a hot spot and why cruising the beautiful Adriatic coast with its heavenly islands should be on everyone’s hit list. 


Jenny travelled with Beyond Travel.



Written by: Jenny Rowland
Published: 29 May 2018

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