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Could London be getting a sheep cafe?

Ewe better baa-lieve it!

[Kiwis please take note that there has been no mention of you in the below article.]


Dog cafes are so 2000s. And visits to cat cafes surely require a sense of self worth equipped to deal with stares of condescension and token purring. So it makes complete sense that the country that gave us Shakespeare, the Beatles and Kit Harington (you know I'm right), are upping the animal cafe trend with the proposal of (Shaun the Sheep fans rejoice) a sheep cafe.


Sheepland is currently in the early (read: still unsuccessful) stages of a crowd funding campaign to get the concept off the ground with "friendly, outgoing" sheep Jenny and Jake as the main attractions.


Organisers hope to create an environment in which city weary Londoners can "experience nature in the middle of a big city".


"Having these two cute sheep nearby makes it easy to commune with nature and to learn more about the interesting creatures," they said.


If all goes well with their funding campaign, a three month pop up will get the ball rolling, but there are plans to make the cafe permanent.


Let's just hope there's no lamb on the menu.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 15 March 2017

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