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Get your euros ‘ere, guv’ner

ATMs that dispense euros as well as pounds installed in London Tube

For those in London about to head across the Channel and beyond, getting euros has just been made easier with euro-dispensing ATMs now installed at over 70 London Underground stations.


If you’ve ever been one of the four million daily travellers aboard the Tube, you’ll know that, invariably, you’ll see folk (or be folk) juggling luggage about to head off to a country that doesn’t take pounds.


Now, thanks to Raphaels Bank (which surveyed 2,000 people and found that only 62 percent of them purchased currency ahead of time), travellers can get their euros at popular stations such as King's Cross, Euston, Victoria and Waterloo.


Installed over the past three months, Transport for London claims the ATMs have already proven successful, with around €2.5m dispensed already.


"Millions of people use our network each year, including going to or from an airport, Eurostar and coach stations, and these machines have been installed to make it easier for people to access the currency they need," Transport for London director of commercial development Graeme Craig said.


I still like cupcake vending machines better, convenience be damned.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 21 July 2014

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