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Captain Cook Cruises marine biologist 2020's first Bulanaire

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji has announced that its marine biologist, Mr Amos Abhishek Daniel, is Tourism Fiji’s first Bulanaire for 2020.


Following the success of last year’s Bulanaires campaign, Tourism Fiji has launched phase two of the program by honouring Fiji's true hospitality heroes.



Local Bulanaires have been nominated to share the ‘Bula Spirit’ with visitors to the destination and to reinforce why Fiji is the place where happiness finds you.


Amos was nominated by Ms Jacqueline Charlton, Captain Cook Cruises Fiji managing director, who said, “Amos has the big bula smile and goes above and beyond to ensure our passengers have a fun and meaningful experience in Fiji. He is also the most passionate, articulate and dedicated Marine Biologist.”


The eldest of three siblings, Amos hails from the soccer-crazed town of Ba in the Western Division. Since completing his studies, he has been a dedicated crew member with Captain Cook Cruises Fiji and works aboard small cruise ship Reef Endeavour and at Tivua Island. 


In his role as marine biologist, Amos not only guides and lectures passengers about the ocean and sustainability, but also participates with the crew in cultural dance and activities.


“What I love most about my job is teaching guests more about the ocean and seeing the excitement on their faces when they go snorkelling or diving and can identify the various fish or coral that I have taught them about. It’s really very rewarding for me to be able to impart that knowledge and share that with guests,” says Amos.


To celebrate Bulanaires and Happiness, for the month of March Captain Cook Cruises Fiji is hosting free Fijian dancing lessons and kava ceremonies on the sundeck aboard Reef Endeavour. They are also offering a free pool splash on Reef Endeavour or intro beach splash on Tivua Island for 10-17yr olds. Pool splash is as an introduction course to learn to dive.


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Published: 20 March 2020

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