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Tourism Fiji's new Regional Director

New Tourism Fiji regional director chats to Traveltalk

Carlah Walton brings passion and a wealth of industry experience to the team of Tourism Fiji. Here she chats to Traveltalk and tells us her plans for world domination



Carlah Walton


 What made you decide this was the job for you?

Anyone who has been to Fiji understands that it steals a part of your heart and soul when you're there, and you have to keep going back to try to retrieve it!  Taking this job is a good way to try to get it back!  


I absolutely love it in Fiji, and to me this isn't work or just a job - it's a passion.  There are beautiful beaches and destinations all over the world, but there's only one place where you don't have to look for it, happiness just finds you in Fiji.


What are you most looking forward to in the new job?

Getting as many agents to the destination as I can, so they end up loving it as much as i do (it was my very first famil as a new agent!).  I know they will come back and sell it because everyone deserves to feel how Fiji makes you feel while you're on holidays. 


What have you learned from your past experience that you will bring with you into this new role?

I've learned that if you genuinely love what you're doing, it'll show in everything you do from presentations to training seminars and even when you're mingling socially.  My friends are too scared NOT to go to Fiji!!


It's an exciting time for Tourism Fiji (and Fiji Air too).  There's lot of new initiatives, new people... How are you planning on building on and promoting this freshness to the Australian market?

There's a real "zing" in the air about Fiji in both organisations.  We're all very much on the same page.  Our CEO has done a great job in employing a team worldwide with a real passion for Fiji, and a total focus on getting as many people there as possible.  We know they'll thank us for it later!!  We've refreshed our focus on our wholesale and retail partners as well as our trade partners in Australia - so everyone's got a renewed spring in their step.


Fiji is quite a well-known destination for Aussies. What are some things about Fiji Aussies DON'T know?

There are 333 islands in Fiji which host more than 300 resorts.  There's so much to discover there - too many to list.  Here's a fun fact - the Inuits (Eskimos) are direct descendants of Fijians!!  It's a long way to paddle from Fiji to Alaska!!!!


Can you tell us your secret plans to world domination?

Our Fijian Warriors Rugby team!  They're our secret weapon!




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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 15 October 2013

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