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Monaco powers up its green machine

SUSTAINABLE and unexpected experiences are at the core of Visit Monaco’s 2018 strategy as it seeks to attract Aussie travellers with a range of fresh and dynamic activities.


Image Visit Monaco


Backed by a new logo, a newly-designed website and various new digital assets, the key categories Visit Monaco will focus on as part of this new strategy include green food, green lifestyle and green transportation.


Based on the slogan ‘Green is the new Glam’, the campaign will educate agents on the green and unexpected experiences available to their clients in each category.


“Monaco is a feel-good destination all around and we are thrilled to be able to introduce our industry to a side of the Principality they may not have known about before and make them discover the dynamic, sustainable, fresh and unexpected destination that it is,” said Alison Roberts-Brown, Regional Director of Visit Monaco in Australia and New Zealand.


Condamine Markets (Image Visit Monaco)


Green food will focus on a variety of health addresses and initiatives such as Elsa, the world’s first 100 percent organic Michelin-starred restaurant, or Terre de Monaco, a project whose mission it is to institute urban agriculture, especially eco-friendly vegetable and fruit gardens, on the roofs, balconies and buildings of Monaco and neighbouring municipalities.


Green lifestyle will focus on such things as the variety of award-winning spas represented in the Principality, while green transportation covers the innovative sustainable mobility options available to travellers including Mobee, an electric car sharing service, electric bikes and Bateau bus.


Image Mobee

Written by: Jon Underwood
Published: 29 January 2018

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