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New glass floors wow visitors to Eiffel Tower

A new glass floor at one of the world’s most famous landmarks, the Eiffel Tower, has been unveiled in Paris, to the delight of visiting thrill seekers (and chagrin of acrophobes).


Part of a 30 million euro (AU$43 million) facelift, which includes new shops, restaurants and a museum, the glass floor is located on the 57-metre first floor of the structure and gives guests a new perspective of the world’s most visited paying monument.


With outward leaning glass barriers heightening the experience, visitors will now be able to look down through solid glass floors, an experience tower operators hope will tempt visitors into staying longer at what is traditionally the least visited part of the ‘Iron Lady’.


According to AFP, authorities hope the new experience will transform the first floor into as big an attraction as the viewing platform on top of the 325-metre tower, which was unveiled at the World's Fair of 1889.


As well as highlighting Gustave Eiffel's impressive original ironwork through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the new buildings will produce their own energy using windmills and solar panels, AFP reported.


The Eiffel Tower attracts some 7 million visitors a year, 85 percent of whom are international tourists. 


What do you think of the new glass structure? Would you be more willing to spend time on the first floor of the tower?  


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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on a tour of the new buildings. Image - SETE


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 8 October 2014

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