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What to eat in Germany's greatest cities

WorldVentures takes us on an exclusive foodie's tour of Deutschland

Gastronomic tourism is on the rise, with research revealing that over a third of tourist spending is devoted to food(1). Data also shows that good food, wine, local cuisine and produce rank third on the list of factors that attract tourists to any destination(2).


A favourite Aussie go-to place for thigh-slapping, beer-loving fun, Germany reportedly attracts around a third of tourists just for its food culture(2) - and DreamTrips has some of Deutschland's best culinary experiences made to order.



Now, you don't have to be a food aficionado to know when a steak is 'cooked to perfection' or to appreciate that your meal has a multitude of 'elements that work together' to taste good, but travelling with like minded people that share a passion for food can make your journey all the more enjoyable.


DreamTrips are designed to offer just that, culinary holidays that tantalise the tastebuds of travellers while offer opportunities to explore more of the destination through other specially curated activities.


WorldVentures is a three time World Travel Award winning international travel membership company that helps more than 500,000 members around the globe experience fun, freedom and life fulfilment through tailored DreamTrips holidays.


With a worldwide menu of culinary holidays, WorldVentures has shared just some of the more flavoursome German hotspots that are sure to satisfy your hunger.




An eclectic mix of new meets old, Berlin is a vibrant city that offers foodies a choice of everything from street food through to cafes and high end restaurants. Aside from the ever-so popular schnitzel or a pretzel that you can pick up from street stalls, traditional dishes that should appear on every foodie's bucket list offer some hearty and filling delights.


The meaty koenigsberger klopse incorporates meatballs made out of ground veal, beef, pork, onions, eggs, anchovies and flour and then cooked in a broth and served in a cream sauce.


But if you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, travellers can enjoy the Berliner Pfannkuche (or berliner) which is a well known pastry that is very similar in look and texture to a doughnut - without a hole in the centre.


For Aussies with a love of a good brew, no visit to Berlin would be complete without a beer tasting tour that lets you sample diverse German craft beers and also learn about how the city’s brewing processes have evolved since the Cold War.




Enjoy the traditional tastes of Germany complemented by Bavarian influence in Munich as you stroll through eateries around the city.


If you're lucky enough to visit Munich during the Advent season, visit the city centre’s pedestrian district of Marienplatz, home to a traditional Christmas market. Viktualienmarkt is a large beer garden with food stalls and flower shops, so definitely worth a stop for lunch.


Try the bratwurst and seasonal beer to experience the true taste of the region. Don't forget to finish your meals with a Bavarian schnapps tasting, because Bavarian schnapps is believed to aid indigestion when taken after a meal.


Check out the DreamTrips site to find out what's on the menu for a culinary travel experience.


(1) UNTWO Global Report on Food Tourism (2) Food and Wine Fact Sheet Tourism Australia


Images supplied by WorldVentures.


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Published: 26 June 2017

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