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Five healing things to do in Hawaii

Did you know that the Hawaiian Islands are renowned for being a healing hotspot?


Some people claim that the energy from the volcanoes gives the islands their special powers, while others maintain that the volcanic soil mean that the produce is bursting with nutrients.



Either way, the Hawaiian Islands are a great place to retreat, recharge and revitalise. Here are five things to check out if you’re keen to boost your wellbeing.



- Hula is not just a pretty dance form. Hula has a much deeper symbolic connection to the ancient traditions of the Hawaiian people and their relationship with the earth, land and sea.

There are two main forms of hula - Hula Kahiko (before Western contact) and Hula 'Auana (after Western contact accompanied by instruments like ukeleles and guitars).

Check out a hula class to learn about the meaning behind the movements.


Organic farms

- The Hawaiian Islands are home to a number of organic farms that grow a wide variety of fruits, nuts and vegetables, including the pohole fern, macadamias, tomatoes, salad greens, onions, bananas, pawpaws and pineapples.

Stock up on fresh produce while you learn about organic farming techniques and local Hawaiian staples like ‘ulu’ (breadfruit) and taro.



Lomi Lomi

- There’s massage and then there’s Lomi Lomi. This massage technique goes beyond the physical realm and delves into the spirit world.

During a Lomi Lomi massage, the practitioner will call upon your ancestors to bring you the healing you need, whether it be for your heart, mind or spirit. 


Hawaiian chanting 

- Hawaiian chants - also known as ‘olis’ - are often using in welcome ceremonies to bless the people present. There are four types of olis, all of which have a storytelling element.

They are are genealogies, tales of powerful chiefs, stories of the beauty of various lands, and expressions of love to woo a potential lover. Think of olis like poems that have a sound healing component. 


Ho?oponopono meditation and prayer

- Ho?oponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as correction.

There are lots of meditation retreats in The Hawaiian Islands that offer guidance in this type of meditation to help you heal from emotional wounds.



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Published: 1 November 2019

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