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Five of Dublin’s most unusual attractions

Travellers often look to Dublin as one of the must-see places in Europe. Its broad appeal is well-documented; people go for the pretty scenery, the friendly locals and the active social scene (including the pubs and restaurants, which get a lot of attention).


Ireland’s capital however, cannot properly be described purely by its overarching virtues. It’s ultimately a unique destination unlike any other city in Europe, which is why we’re devoting some time to outlining a few of its quirks and unusual attractions. 


The Little Museum Of Dublin

Most cities have museums, so by name alone, this mightn’t seem like a particularly unique attraction. However, the Little Museum is fascinating in that it covers so much in such a small area. It’s also essentially a tribute to Dublin, so rather than being a palatial space full of paintings and artifacts from around the world, it features local works in an intimate setting. For that reason, this could well be the most insightful museum to visit in Ireland. 


Kilmainham Gaol


Kilmainham Gaol

Globally known for being the filming location for ‘In the Name of the Father‘, this prison-come-museum has a rather ugly history. Several famous revolutionary figures were imprisoned here, and some were even hung. Now, however, it’s viewed as an important monument to Irish Nationalist movements and the Irish War of Independence. This makes it hallowed ground, as well as a great place to go to learn about the city and country you’re in. 


The Drive-Thru Confessional

It’s unclear if this is a permanent attraction, but when the Pope recently visited, the city put up a drive-thru confessional, advertising that you could “repent decades of sin in seconds.” It’s a cheeky idea, and one that was initiated by the betting giant Paddy Power. But it actually makes for a nice, quirky attraction in the city. Would you drive through if you saw it for the first time? 


The Forty Foot

For some reason, the fact that Dublin is right by the sea seldom gets any attention - perhaps because it’s not exactly a beach destination. The Forty Foot, however, is a great opportunity to enjoy the water while you’re in Dublin, and it’s fairly unique for a European city. Basically, it’s a natural swimming hole right by the city, and one that was first made famous beyond Dublin via the iconic James Joyce novel “Ulysses.” 

The Church

We have to talk about at least one bar when considering Dublin’s attractions, even if we’re focusing on the more unique ones. And The Church, one of the most stunning bars in town, is a good one to go for. It is so named because it is literally a converted church that features multiple floors, a restaurant, and bar as well as an old pipe organ and stained glass windows! If you ever wanted to eat, drink, and dance in a pretty church, and weren’t thinking of an enthusiastic communion ceremony, this is the place for you. 


Written by: Isaac Martin
Published: 28 August 2018

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