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Where’s the world’s biggest Christmas tree?

Whether you’re more Bah than Humbug, this tree has the potential to de-Scrooge even the biggest grinch.

In case you live in a cave, Christmas is coming (and has been coming since August according to the shops). Christmas is a time of love and giving and fun. It’s also a lot of work. Aside from present shopping and endless cooking, you’re also obligated to decorate a tree. And know this: your tree will be judged.



So while you could strive to out Christmas your family and friends, you could also pack your bags and head to Italy and check out the world’s biggest Christmas tree.


With a base of 450 metres, this 750 metre tree has been lit on the slopes of the Ingino Mount since 1981.


Overlooking the town of Gubbio, the tree's roots are hidden in the city walls, and the star is the basilica of the saint patron St. Ubaldo, on top of the mountain (take that Mum). 



The lighting of the tree will take place on 7 December with every one of its lights bought in dedication to whoever the donors wish.


The tree will remain lit up, from sunset until late night, until 10 January, so you can do Christmas with the fam and get away from them too!


Images Umbria Tourism


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 24 November 2017

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