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Beyond the Clouds: JNTO launches new Japan portal

New Japan National Tourism Organization campaign harnesses the beauty of Japan to keep future visitors inspired

JNTO has revealed a new portal to inspire people around the world to look ‘beyond the clouds’, utilising its vast library of content that allows people to travel without leaving home. 


As many international borders continue to stay closed and travelling is limited to relatively short distances, JNTO has collated a series of compelling content to ensure potential visitors from around the world can still be inspired by the offerings found in Japan.


Arashiyama, Kyoto


The new portal showcases content that inspires travel to off-the-beaten-path destinations, to help showcase the many places in Japan that people can escape to and take a breath of fresh air. 


"We hope that we can reach Australian and New Zealand travellers through the culture, history and wide open spaces that Japan has in abundance," Yoko Tanaka, Executive Director of JNTO Sydney Office, said. 


"We want everyone to know that we will welcome them with open arms when the time is right, and that Japan is one of the best options available." 


Additionally, to help engage those who are dreaming of travelling soon, the hashtag #stayhomewithjapan encourages people to share their personal links with Japan found in everyday life, and keep Japan at front of mind for when travel begins anew. Content shared using the hashtag thus far has ranged from Japanese food found in the user’s local area to wearing a kimono around the house. Many users are also using the hashtag to share memories of their previous travels to Japan. 


With brand new content ranging from inspirational and VR videos for experiencing Japan at home to new outdoor adventure offerings, the new portal is sure to showcase the unique offerings of travel in Japan.  


The new portal can be found at this link:


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Published: 20 July 2020

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