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Burger King to introduce ‘Flame-Grilled’…perfume

Only in Japan

There’s no doubt about it: beyond the beauty of its temples, the grace of its manicured gardens, the refinement of its tea ceremonies, Japan does weird well. And the latest in its long list of strange products is a perfume, which will be based on the fast-food chain, Burger King.



According to Japanese media, the limited edition cologne, called “Flame-Grilled”, will apparently be available for purchase with one of the eatery’s Whopper burgers at a price of 5,000 yen (AU$53), with a limit of one 30ml bottle per customer.


But with reports the perfume will only be served on 1 April, the idea could just turn out to be a very well oiled publicity stunt.


An artist’s rendition of how the cologne could be marketed is available on the BK Japan website (above).


The real question however is, why haven’t other fragrance makers cashed in on any of Japan’s other aromatic foods? We’re thinking (Salted) Plum Perfume, Scent of Seaweed or Eau de (Green) Tea.


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 23 March 2015

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