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Toilets in elevators? Japan says YES

Not some crazy idea, but something that actually makes sense

Over the weekend, a magnitude-8.1 earthquake struck near islands south of Tokyo, which resulted in some 19,000 elevators stopping in the city and surrounds. Some people were trapped, and in one case, it took 70 minutes to rescue them.


So Japan's infrastructure ministry and elevator industry got together and agreed to store drinking water and portable toilets in elevators in case of earthquakes and other emergency stoppages, the Japan Times reported.


A country somewhat prone to earthquakes, Japan is also home to some 620,000 elevators, with 150,000 in Tokyo alone. It is thus unsurprising that some local governments have already begun putting portable toilets in elevators.


According to the Washington Post, Tokyo's Chiyoda ward began putting in water, blankets and emergency boxes that double as toilets in 2014.


Now we're just left wondering about how the system works if the elevator is crowded...



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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 10 June 2015

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