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Visit Japan and know about this beautiful country

Japan is a very beautiful country with a peaceful environment. The breathless view and high cultural heritage with advanced technology are what make Japan different from other countries. People residing in Japan are very soft-hearted and their way of greeting others are very attractive and unique. They have unique and eye-catching forms of arts and crafts, along with clothing, landmarks, food and so much more. If you have Nile Air Booking Online for a Japan tour then we can guide you on why you must visit Japan.



Tourists are attracted to the stunning country in East Asia due to many reasons.  Japan is a safe country where you will find unity and bond. You can also experience Cosplay in Japanese streets along with ladies wearing beautiful Kimonos. It gives a blessed feeling to see. Their foods you just don’t want to miss. Ramen and Sushi are their foods that are spreading worldwide. They are the origin of Calligraphy and Origami.


Why is Japan considered the most beautiful country?

Many tourists say that Japan is the most beautiful and attractive location in the world. Japan is full of beautiful composed waters, peaceful beauty, historic structures, and some amazing foods that also look very mesmerizing and delicious to the eyes. This place is full of interesting things and mesmerizing things. The people are very kind-hearted so most of the tourists usually get attracted to it.


Some must-visit places in Japan are:


·         Mount Fuji

Beauty lies in this mountain and is considered a Heritage Site by UNESCO. Mount Fuji is Japan’s Third Holy Mountain along with Mount Tate and Mount Haku. This mount has a symmetrical cone that remains covered in snow for at least five mounts. This is the highest Volcano in Japan. The mountain is surrounded by surplus nature. The tourist went to Japan to witness the breathtaking view.


·         Imperial Tokyo

Imperial Tokyo is a beautiful palace in Tokyo. This is the most attractive palace that you can’t miss out on in the capital city. When you visit the Imperial Palace you can definitely visit the East Higashi Gyoen Garden that is open to all. And the garden looks just beautiful. The overall view of Imperial Place including the garden is something you can never forget.

Here the most famous romantic spot is the Nijubashi Bridge and the famous shopping place is the Ginza district. Here you can get everything for yourself or for your loved ones.


·         Tokyo Skytree

This is the largest tower in the entire world. This place is beautiful too with locals and marketing surrounding the tower. You will get beautiful cafes and places to relax near this. Tourists visit this place to capture the largest tower with their eyes. If you have visited Japan and didn’t go there then your ride will not be completed. 


·         Kyoto the Golden Pavilion

This is the most visited place in the entire Japan with a 10 million rate of visitors annually. This place is extremely beautiful and contains a lot of attractions. You can find here Japan’s famous paintings including sculptures and other forms of art and crafts. This is a peaceful place with a lot of bush and leaves surrounding the place.

Buddhist-influenced architecture is also quite famous in this city and also you can see the Golden Pavilion which was made in the 14th century has most people’s attraction due to the gold-leaf-clad-design.


·         Buddhist Temple and Shinto Shrines

Japan is highly fundamental in its culture. They believe in Buddhist culture and follow it. You will notice a lot of Buddhist temples along with shrines. These are the beauty of Japan’s heritage and culture.



The Buddhist temple and Shrine have different kinds of gates that look amazing and tourists visit to see the architecture. This includes the famous Great Floating Gate commonly known as O-Torri. This has its own beauty as when you will closely see you will find that it is floating on the surface of the water.


·         Onsens

Onsens mean hot water springs. Japan is a volcanically vigorous country due to which Japan has plenty of Onsens that are thoroughly enjoyed by tourists. Onsens are near Mount Fuji and Hakone with outdoors and indoors facilities. Tourists enjoy the hot spring to relax their body and mind and soul.


·         Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Yes, you guessed right! This place was a victim of the Hiroshima Nagasaki attack. But now this place symbolizes peace and harmony. This memorial park is situated just in the center position of the attack. This is not just a park but, you can also witness a lot of monuments, memorials, and also contains everything of that day. The Peace Memorial Museum is just inside the park. In the museum, you can witness the atom bomb dome and the flame of peace including the Memorial Cenotaph.


·         Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing is the busiest crossing in the whole world. The crossing is beautiful and you cannot miss this as it shows the manifestation of the Tokyo crowd. The whole crossing is surrounded by large skyscrapers along with huge LEDs.


·         Sumo Wrestling

If you visit Japan then you should visit this site. This form of wrestling is world-famous. The ticket of sumo wrestling is not always available as it always remains in high demand but tries to get it to experience the beauty and fun side of it. This is a famous cultural form of fighting that is usually seen in Japan but this is highly demanded.


·         Samurai and Ninja Museum

Ancient Japanese warriors were known as samurai and ninjas. They are beautifully stored in the museum to capture the heritage of the country. You can experience their huge swords and shields that they used at the time of fighting.


Hotel Reservation is not a tough job in Japan. You can book a hotel either online or offline. Their hotels are made of special bamboo where you can experience a different feeling. You will fall in love with this place and can definitely visit this place. 

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Published: 9 May 2021

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