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Where else in the world can you get toilet paper for your phone?

Get welcomed to Japan...when you're on the loo

Every night my mum would call and leave a message for my dad advising what time she'd arrive at the train station (this was obviously in the pre-mobile phone era). I would conscientiously take the message down and leave it for Dad. But sometimes Dad wouldn't see it and we'd get a call from a waiting, irate Mum.



That is, until I started leaving the message on the toilet. I had tried the fridge, their bedroom door, the pool fence, but the only place I could guarantee Dad was going to go was the loo. He was never late picking up Mum again.


It seems one of the largest mobile operators in Japan had the same realisation about arriving travellers. Most travellers dislike using the lavatory in a plane so there's often a queue at toilets in Arrivals. Beside toilet paper for your person, the company has installed toilet paper for your phone.


The paper serves the dual purpose of cleaning your phone of germs (though probably best to use when you've left the loo) and to provide arriving travellers with crucial information about using your phone in Japan.


And being Japan, they'll likely soon have a bidet for your phone.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 21 December 2016

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