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Who thinks they can sell Japan?

WIN a spot on an unforgettable famil trip to Japan and gain an edge over your competitors by becoming an expert on Japan’s seasonal attractions.

You probably know the usual doors to open for a Japanese adventure, but behind every door is another hundred waiting for you to discover. 


Cherry blossoms in spring are a great sight during the day but did you know that cherry blossoms at night, called yozakura, are illuminated for a completely different experience?


How many times a year do you normally get to see fireworks? Because during summer in Japan, you’ll see firework extravaganzas almost every weekend.


Autumn unravels one of Japan’s best-kept secrets, luscious red maple leaves as mesmerising as the cherry blossoms. It’s also when you can take part in one of the biggest Halloween street parties in Tokyo.


Away from the world famous ski slopes in winter is the very same bathhouse from the animated film, ‘Spirited Away’ and a fairytale village of thatched-roofed houses straight out of a snow globe.


Want more? 

This is just a taste of some of the insider information you will find in the official Japan e-learning programme from Japan National Tourism Organization. Complete the training and earn yourself a chance to go on a hosted famil trip!

You’ll also...

  • Know Japan inside out
  • Gain a huge edge over your competitors
  • Inspire confidence from your customers with a badge and certificate from Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)




Published: 17 August 2017

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