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Where giraffes are lords of the manor

JENNY ROWLAND breakfasts with a tall, handsome stranger in Kenya.

After 10 days of safari adventures in South Africa and Kenya, i'd been lucky enough to have seen plenty of giraffes, but getting up close and personal, and even sharing a slobbery kiss with these beautiful beasts is completely different to watching them through a pair of binoculars. 



I'm very excited to be checking into Nairobi's Giraffe Manor as I'd heard so much about this special place and its lanky lodgers, who like to share your brekky or a spot of afternoon tea.


I'm staying in a cosy room called "Daisy". Named after one of the giraffes, it boasts its own rooftop courtyard overlooking manicured gardens and offers a view into the elegant drawing room. 



But the highlight here is the interaction with its star attractions; it really is a unique experience to feed giraffes whilst enjoying such luxury and hospitality.


Once you've finished feeding the giraffes, you have the chance to experience the fine food at the manor. As one of Nairobi's most iconic buildings, reminiscent of a grand English stately home, Giraffe Manor is an event in itself.



Dinner is a communal affair with ten other happy guests, served in a very elegant dining room. And you can guess what the conversation is about. But if you're still interested in learning more about these wonderful creatures, the place is filled with giraffe pictures, books and memorabilia. 


The only down side is 24 hours isn't nearly long enough here, so I promise my beautiful, slobbery Daisy I'll be staying longer next time.

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Written by: Jenny Rowland
Published: 1 June 2016

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