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A Penang guide for lovers

From its beaches to its cobblestones streets, there is romance (and laksa) in the air in Penang. No wonder it has all the ingredients to make for a romantic getaway for loved up couples. 


Here’s how to have a romantic 24 hours in Penang.


There’s good reason to rise early on your first day in Penang and it’s not just for breakfast. While sunset often gets all the credit for its romantic vibe, there’s something about catching the sunrise with your loved one that is more private, more serene.


Watching the sunrise from the Clan Jetties is a unique, and very Penang, take on, let’s face it, what can be a pretty cliche activity. While there are few tourists out at this time, head to the lesser-known Tan Jetty and let the nostalgia wash over you. 



Or if you want to build up an appetite, hike up to Penang Hill and watch the day grow from just a slither of orange and yellow. 


And then it is of course time for breakfast. Rejoin the world at a hawker centre as you hunt for the city’s best nasi lemak. Fans of roti canai should check out Gemas Road Roti Canai. There is so much on offer you may need to re-climb Penang Hill to make room for it all.


Take heed: as much as you may love your partner, do not give in to the urge to skip breakfast or just have cereal sent up to your room. Breakfast IS Penang. If my partner suggested such a thing, we would not still be together. 


Next, it’s time to prove your love on instagram. Because if it’s not posted, are you even really in love?Are you even travelling? 


Just kidding, but Penang is insta-ready with its gorgeous landscapes. 


Kampung Agong offers #couplegoals shots of Bali-inspired swings and giant egg nests set amidst towering coconut trees.



Penang Botanical Gardens or Entopia Butterfly Park are the perfect backdrop to romantic photos, are George Town’s famed murals.


As sunset approaches, head to Pulau Jerejak Jetty. Jump on the ferry to Jerejak Islandcatch the sun setting behind the Penang Bridge. Or head to the beach next to the jetty. Very romantic. 



After dark, step into another, more magical, world in Penang Avatar Secret Garden. Follow the twinkling fairy lights along raised boardwalks and fall in love all over again. 


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Published: 30 March 2022

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