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Food at centre of fresh New Caledonia campaign

#TasteNewCaledonia: New Caledonia launches new campaign, unlocking the destinations' gastronomic offerings

New Caledonia has announced the launch of its new campaign #TasteNewCaledonia, which positions the destination as a place of diverse and distinctive landscapes, reflected in its delicious and equally diverse gastronomic offerings.


The archipelago, situated in the picturesque South Pacific, is unlike any other in the region, together with its fusion of French sophistication and authentic Kanak culture, the destination provides a vibrant menu which is sure to satisfy the hungriest of travellers.


There are unique and extraordinary flavours to be found in each of the destinations’ varied regions, whether they be from the blue waters of the crystal clear lagoon (the world’s largest), the more rural ‘cowboy country’ in the west, the Gallic hub of Noumea or the traditional Kanak culture in the east. New Caledonia’s sundry landscapes deliver delicacies, fresh produce and meals that will tantalise the taste buds and are true testimonial to the blend of cultures united on the islands.


The proximity of the islands to Australia is one of its major appeals, less than three hours from Sydney and four hours from Melbourne, Francophiles can feast on the escargot (snails) of the Isle of Pines, or indulge the senses with dishes like gratin of mangrove crab, local venison, dauphine potatoes and croquettes at a traditional French restaurant in Noumea. In local markets, French delicacies such as cheeses, wines, fresh-baked pastries and chocolates will awaken the palate – and all this just a few hours away. 


Whether it’s fine dining, eating with the locals or enjoying wine or cheese tastings, there is something for everyone in New Caledonia. Freshly caught seafood can be barbecued by the white sand beaches, while thirsty travellers can sip on cocktails made from the assortment of mouth-watering fruits found on the islands, including coconuts, mangoes, passionfruit and papaya. 


With day-trips out to some of the more remote islands like the Loyalty Islands and Amedee Island for kite-surfing, snorkelling, swimming and diving on the itinerary, there is a definite need to refuel. A popular (and more affordable) way to do this is by packing a personalised picnic lunch. The colourful cuisine of the destination means travellers can say ‘au revoir’ to the squashed sandwiches of the picnics-past and ‘bonjour’ to local delicacies, fresh seafood and delicious wine; all available at the local markets and surrounding shops. 


Those with a more adventurous palate are encouraged to explore the flavours of the local Kanak culture, where they can discover the ‘bougna’, a dish typically made from tubercles, coconut milk and fish. While the bougna is served in many of the islands’ restaurants and gourmet hot spots, travellers can also opt to stay with a local Kanak tribe for a more traditional and special experience. The process of cooking the bougna is a spectacle in itself; red-hot rocks are placed into a hole in the ground and the bougna left inside for hours to cook.


New Caledonia Tourism Australia Director, Caroline Brunel said the new #TasteNewCaledonia campaign will put a spotlight on New Caledonia’s distinct gastronomic offerings and strengthen travellers’ perceptions of New Caledonia as a culinary hot-spot.


“Food plays such a large part in any travel experience, so by focusing on gastronomy as our key theme for 2017 we are aiming to show Aussies the many ways they can immerse themselves in the rich, distinctive melting-pot of cultures that is New Caledonia,” said Ms Brunel.


To add to the destination’s already plentiful culinary offerings, there is a variety of key gastronomic events and festivals coming up throughout 2017 including the Gastronomy Festival, the Giant Omelette Festival, the Cheese Festival, the Avocado Festival and the Pahatr (fern) and Lobster Festival, as well as a series of cooking classes, demonstrations and tastings. 

For more information on how to reserve your place at the most delicious and diverse destination in the South Pacific, visit or search social media using the hashtag #TasteNewCaledonia.


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Published: 1 February 2017

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