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Top 10 reasons to travel to New Caledonia

White sandy beaches on an almost never ending coastline make New Caledonia a no-brainer for those seeking a quick getaway from Australia. But in case you need any more reasons to get yourself there now, we've listed our top ten reasons you need to travel to New Caledonia. We decided to stop at ten, other wise we'd be here forever...



1. Get a taste of France

As a French territory, the French influence in New Caledonia is so rich it's like you've travelled to a tropical Fracne. The archipelago is known for unique French gourmet food in the Pacific. In Noumea, for example, there are over a hundred snack bars, cafés and fancy restaurants, all offering a mix of European and Asian cuisines. 


2. Get wet

Get spectacular views of the marine life from the rich waters surrounding the archipelago. Whether you go kite surfing or wind surfing, rent a catamaran, scuba dive or just watch the peaceful movement of the sea, you'll find it hard to return to land.


3. Get more privacy 

Tired of battling tourists? New Caledonia is a secluded nation ensuring you’ll spend more time with the locals, showing their everyday life or teaching their local cuisine, rather than other tourists.


4. Get hot (but not too hot)

Too hot to actually enjoy your summer holiday? Enjoy the spring-like season almost the whole year round in New Caledonia.


5. Get sightseeing

Just 24 kilometres from Noumea and sitting on a marine reserve, the Amedee Lighthouse was constructed in 1865 to enable the safe arrival of penal ships from France. But it's historical value is almost outweighed by the beauty of its surrounds.


6. Get there quick

There's nothing worse than losing whole days of your vacation trying to go on vacation. If you’re flying with Aircalin, it’s just two hours from Brisbane, three hours from Sydney and 4 hours from Melbourne.


7. Get spending

Despite being a relatively secluded archipelago nation, New Caledonia is home to boutiques selling French designer wears, jewellery, crafts, wines and souvenirs. Rue de l’Alma is Noumea’s most popular shopping spot. 


8. Get the island life

The only problem you'll have is choosing which island to go to. The Isle of Pines is a remote island that offers serene paradise, scenic beaches and pine trees, Ouvéa is famed for its long, white sand strip, and Lifou offers caves including Grotto D'Avio and The Devil's Cave.


9. Get romantic

Also called “Coeur de Voh” meaning “Heart of Voh” is a mangrove formation sitting on a bed of mud. And it's shaped like a heart. Instagram anyone?


10. Get surfing

Just two hours from Noumea is Nekweta Surf Camp where you enjoy hassle-free surfing. Here intermediate to advanced surfers can get guided by an expert.



For more information, head to New Caledonia Travel Connection. 


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Published: 5 September 2016

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