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The foodie tour that's gone to the dogs

Foodie tours are a dime a dozen these days. You name it, there’s likely a food truck for it. But this food tour is truly unique, if a little ‘dog’matic.

Soft centre peanut butter biscuits, whoopee pie, maple bacon ice cream, coconut and cranberry granola clusters, white cheddar pops, and lobster rolls. It's America in a mouthful. But there's one catch: it's all for dogs.


Yep, this scrummy food tour is for our canine companions - though owners are welcome to join and are catered for accordingly.


Just one of Maine Foodie Tours’ offerings, this tour takes in Maine’s Kennebunkport and Lower Village and makes five stops to enjoy doggie treats and good human eats.


If you don't have your dog with you, you can still join the tour at the same price and take home the treats (if Customs let’s them in the country).


Profits are donated to the Animal Welfare Society of West Kennebunk.

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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 6 September 2017

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