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Canberra’s must see attractions and best places to stay

There's more to Australia's capital than the stock standard tourist stops.

Canberra has many attractions you would expect in a national capital, such as museums and the Parliament House. However, there’s far more to the capital than standard tourist stops. The city itself features some of Australia's most entertaining museums, parks, and memorials. Canberra even has a fun nightlife and plenty of hotels for tourists to stay. During the day, travelers can visit the surrounding area, known as Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which features a rich network of nature preserves and national parks.


The wide range of attractions available in Canberra, Australia's capital city, attract thousands of tourists from around the world every year. The fruitful combination of both urban and rural attractions can make Canberra an excellent travel destination for a diverse variety of tourists.



Canberra offers a unique mix of attractions that ensure an enjoyable stay. Nature lovers can visit some of the outdoor attractions that can be found both inside the city and in the surrounding ACT. Tourists who enjoy national treasures can explore hundreds of governmental offices, museums, and other civic attractions. Some of the most important attractions include:


National Gallery of Australia: Australia's largest museum offers more than 170,000 pieces of art. Featured artists include William Dobell, Arthur Boyd, Henry Moore, and other remarkable individuals.


Commonwealth Park: Nested in the heart of Canberra, Commonwealth Park was designed by the city's original planners to make travelers feel welcome as they explore what Australia's capital city has to offer. The park includes a man-made lake, walking trails, and impressive sculptures.


Australian War Memorial: As Australia's official national war memorial, this attraction honors some of the most famous soldiers who fought and died defending the nation. Tourists interested in Australia's establishment, World War II, and other historical conflicts will find plenty of interesting artifacts in this memorial.


Old Parliament House: Australia's parliament formerly used the Old Parliament House until the year 1988. Today, the building is used to house exhibitions, concerts, and seasonal attractions. Tourists can also schedule a private tour to witness some of the site's hidden treasures.



Tourists looking to visit Canberra should plan ahead with a hotel reservation that fits their needs. Some of the best hotels in Canberra include:


Aria Hotel: The Aria provides the ultimate experience with modern, upscale amenities that include large bathrooms, marble countertops, and a flat screen television.


BreakFree Capital Tower: This hotel offers travelers the combination of both affordable lodging and excellent staff.


East Hotel: High-end amenities and modern styling can be found at this hotel. Best of all, the East Hotel's proximity to downtown Canberra makes it convenient for tourists.


For Canberra's top 10 accommodation options as voted by Trip Advisor reviews, have a look at this guide to assist you in planning and booking your next Canberra visit.


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Published: 12 June 2015

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