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Exclusive interview: Grammy winner shares her NZ

Kiwi expat, singer Kimbra sits down for an Australian exclusive with Traveltalk to share some of her favourite spots in New Zealand - and her haunts may surprise.

New York-based Kiwi singer Kimbra won't let 14,000 kilometres get between her and her homeland. Speaking to Traveltalk in the US, the girl from Hamilton says she tries to get back to her beloved New Zealand as often as possible. But there are a few places in particular, she can’t wait to visit when returning home.


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“I grew up going to a lot of the lakes around the Hamilton area, so the top favourites are Rotoiti, which is in the Rotorua region,” she says. “It’s an amazing place close to my heart.”


“And then there’s Raglan, where all of the black sand beaches are. Raglan is like a top surfing spot and it's only 20 minutes from Hamilton, so those are always the places I cross off the list when I come back.”


As well as some of the North Island’s natural wonders, Kimbra speaks glowingly about Auckland, which is only a little over an hour away now by car.


“So I go to Auckland a lot and I love that whole area … like going to the beach up there.”


Kimbra performing an intimate set


“And of course, going to gigs … I have so many memories of going to my first concerts with my dad, like at [legendary former venue] St James Theatre.”


Kimbra is less familiar with the South Island but earlier this year embarked on a “bit of a road trip” from Queenstown up to Picton and back across to the North Island. Needless to say, she was impressed.


“That was incredible because I had no idea how amazing the South Island was … and just how varied it was,” she explained.


“I felt like I was driving through Brazil sometimes, like a rainforest, and then all of a sudden it could look like the Joshua Tree in California because of the desert road; it’s just so varied, so I really want to do that again.”


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 25 July 2016

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