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New Aussie dive travel agency launches

Pelagic Dive Travel has launched its new, online search and booking platform, for the certified SCUBA Diver.


The platform allows the certified SCUBA diver to search by marine species or type of trip. For example, this could be Whalesharks in October. The results are shown on a world map, with Liveaboards, Dive Resorts & Resorts, the diver then chooses the room or cabin, books, pays and receives an instant confirmation. This saves the diver hours of research.



Pelagic Dive Travels has a core value, the marine environment – the sustainability, preservation & education. In remote regions the key to the success is the local communities as their livelihood evolves around the marine world for food, income and resources. Pelagic Dive Travel will look at ways, at how the diver can help. Using local operators and the communities, they will start to introduce dive boat charters to bring divers to these regions. Divers will visit new dive areas, see amazing reefs and visit the local communities who tender to them. This will help spread the awareness about what the diver can do, and their actions effect the marine world, but more importantly provide a source of income for the community.


Supporting Pelagic in Cairns for the Great Barrier Reef, is local Indigenous Artist Brian Robinson from the Torres Strait region, who has allowed the use of a print for a T-shirt. The Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef – a organisation which looks at how you can alter your ways to reduce and recycle (who’s logo has also been designed by Brian Robinson). And Reef Teach Cairns – which is about the education of the Great Barrier Reef, by Marine Biologists, in an informative and fun presentation (a must see, before visiting the Great Barrier Reef).


Pelagic is currently running a competition for the chance to WIN a $500USD savings on the Siren Fleet. Visit its web page, Facebook and Instagram to receive more details.


Pelagic Dive Travel will not only be the leading online dive travel provider, it will be the leader in helping the marine environment, so that it can be enjoyed you many generations to come.


Proudly supported by the Siren Fleet!


For more information contact Founder Terry Smith – [email protected], or visit the website


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Published: 19 May 2018

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