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Practical tips on how to sell AlUla

Because it’s not every day that you are selling a brand-new destination!

In this final edition of our three-part series, we outline some tips as to how best to sell AlUla to your clients.


How to Get to AlUla



AlUla is a short flight (under two hours) from Riyadh or Jeddah which are serviced by several airlines flying from Australia. 


Upon arrival into AlUla’s Prince Abdul Majeed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport (ULH) guests are greeted with a newly refurbished and modern airport. The journey from the airport into AlUla is roughly a 30-minute drive.


Alternatively, by road, AlUla is six hours drive from Petra in Jordan or seven hours from Jeddah and ten hours from Riyadh.


How do I position AlUla?



AlUla is an ideal destination and great fit for: 


Luxury heritage seekers – discerning, experienced travellers looking for a new and exciting, travel experience with a particular interest in heritage, undiscovered territories, and unique experiences.


Adventurers keen to see the unseen – Travellers who truly seek to be amongst the first to discover new destinations and meaningful experiences, while seeking quality, and luxury.  These travellers have no risk of FOMO!


The well-travelled – those who want to make the most of their time and are looking for a new and exciting stopover on their way to Europe or inclusion in a trip to the Middle East. A visit to AlUla will not only be a unique and special experience but provide the ultimate dinner party bragging rights.


How long to spend in AlUla?



A stay of 3 to 5 nights in AlUla is recommended.  Consider a combination with other parts of Saudi Arabia (e.g., Jeddah), or Jordan or Egypt.  


The following wholesalers are currently selling AlUla in Australia:

Alternatively, if you would like to put together your own package for your clients, please feel free to contact us for further details of local DMCs. 


E-visa required

Australian passport holders will require a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia. The online eVisa is relatively new and user-friendly and permits tourists to spend up to 90 days in the country.  A fee applies upon application. Click here for more information.


Travelling Tips for first time travellers to Saudi Arabia




Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, however English is widely spoken. All road signs are bilingual in both Arabic and English.  



Saudi Arabia’s national currency is the Saudi Riyal (SAR).  ATMs and electronic payment facilities are available throughout Saudi Arabia and visitors will find can use credit cards just as they would in Australia. 


Dress code

All visitors should plan to dress modestly (with knees and elbows covered and avoid tight-fitting clothes or those with profane languages or images).  And the answer to our most popular question; it is not necessary for women travelling to AlUla to cover their head or wear an abaya.  


Alcohol & substances

The sale, purchase and consumption of alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia. This law also applies to tourists and includes all tourist facilities such as hotels, attractions, airports etc. Your clients will not be able to purchase or consume alcohol for the duration of their visit in AlUla.  



Bad language, loud behaviour and encroaching on other people’s boundaries are considered disrespectful. Proof of marriage is not required for couples to share a hotel room. However, public displays of affection are not consistent with local culture.  



At prayer time, five times a day, music is turned off in public places and many shops and sites close briefly. Visitors should observe decorum during these times to respect local customs, regardless of their religious beliefs. 


Female travel

Female travellers aged 18 and over can travel independently on an eVisa without the need for male companions. This includes driving and booking hotel rooms.  

For more information

Click here for our brand-new online training program designed specifically for the Australian travel trade and your chance to win a pair of exclusive Adidas AlUla sneakers!


For more information and assistance please feel free to email us as the local representatives for AlUla in Australia; [email protected] 


AlUla welcomes back international travellers 

AlUla – Explore the world’s masterpiece

Unmissable experiences in AlUla


Images supplied by Experience AlUla


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Published: 8 September 2021

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