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This Scottish Outlander tour includes past life regression option

Most women can be forgiven for desiring to travel through Scotland in an attempt to have their own Outlander experience… or just catch a glimpse of Sam Heughan. This tour goes a step further.

With its third season due to premiere next month, fans of the book turned TV series Outlander will be likely glued to their screens in an effort to further immerse themselves in the lives and landscapes of Claire and Jamie.



But for those wanting to REALLY experience Outlander, a trip to Scotland should be on the cards.


Whenever a TV series is really popular, chances are tours to where it's shot will likely turn up. Diane and her husband Andrew offer said tours.


Based in Inverness, Scotland, Andrew and Diane offer private Outlander themed tours of the stunning Highland locations that inspired Diana Gabaldon to write the Outlander novels, plus the many and varied filming locations between Inverness and Edinburgh.




The couple, who are “highly experienced, top-class personal-development and relationship mentors” incorporate past life regression into their tours, a move they say allows tourists “to explore possible past life connections with Scotland and soul-mate connections like Jamie and Claire’s”.


Time travel isn't all it's cracked up to be. As much as I'd love to go back in time to experience the romance and chivalry of aeons gone by, the reality of poor hygiene, no electricity and the fact that my half caste self would likely not receive a ready welcome in all circles (not to mention my lack of access to a time travelling Tardis/Delorean) has me firmly stuck in 2017. So maybe this could be the solution... Though I'm pretty sure I was a labrador in a past life.


Image: Men's Health
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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 31 July 2017

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