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Into the ‘garden’ of South Africa

Can’t decide on a holiday destination that offers all things to all people? Here CAMERON NEILL, Trade Relations Manager for Bench Africa, offers a suggestion.

Where to go on your trip? The age-old dilemma. Should I do a trip that involves drinking good wine and eating good food? Should I take in some snorkelling, whale watching and stunning scenery instead? 


Cape Town


Maybe something a little more exciting, like bungy jumping and adrenaline chasing? Or maybe a trip to explore a foreign culture and soak in the history?


If only there was one place to combine them all! There is. It’s called Africa.


In the case of the four options above, all can be found in South Africa. Even more incredibly, they can all be found on just the one section of coastline of this incredibly diverse country.


Between the cities of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth lies a stretch of road commonly known as ’The Garden Route’, a 700 kilometre coastal drive that best demonstrates the diversity of both South Africa, and Africa, as a whole.


It combines the rich history, cultural mix and sophistication of Cape Town with the simple wonders of the whale migration only metres off the shore near Hermanus. 


Boulder Bay Penguins


You can test your street cred by throwing yourself into the local art scene, or test your courage by throwing yourself off one of the world’s highest bungy jumps.


The Garden Route is available on small group tours but has also exploded in popularity as a self drive option for tourists of all ages. South Africans drive on the same side of the road as Australia with road conditions and safety also as equitable.


With car hire and accommodation organised in advance, the day is left up to you and your whims. All Africa does is provide the options and the unforgettable memories.


Bench’s Africa’s Self Drive Garden Route (bronze level) starts from $1,695. 


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Published: 14 December 2018

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