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What to expect on a night game drive

During the day animals of the bush tend to laze around but once the African sun sets the wildlife comes alive. Don’t miss the chance to spot lion and other nocturnal species who are at their most energetic at night.



A night drive experience

A night drive experience is completely different from a day safari - a whole new world of nocturnal animal species await you. See how the guides find the smallest of creatures from Chameleons to the elusive Leopard. The dark night sky and the slight unknown gets your heart pounding. A powerful spotlight on an open safari vehicle ensures great views and lots of animal encounters in the dark African Bush. During a night game drive watch an amazing sunset before heading out, once twilight sets in it is often considered the best time to continue looking for African wildlife. Your ranger will share expert knowledge and information about each nocturnal species and their behavior. 


It is important to remember that when you go on safari, your safety should always be the first priority. At game ranches where there are guided game drives, you will usually find between two to three game drives each day. The first starts just before sunrise, the second takes place in the afternoon and the last game drive is usually later on in the evening, coming back to camp at nightfall. In private reserves, where night-drives are permitted, a guided safari might last long after dark.


What to take with you

  • Neutral colored clothing, long sleeved shirts
  • Sun block or sunscreen (as the afternoon is still intense)
  • Insect repellent
  • Special medication if needed
  • Jersey or light jacket and hat
  • Spirit of adventure is a must of course


Who likes the dark

Game-drives after dark or at dawn are often a real highlight as you’re also likely to encounter a whole range of nocturnal species: leopard, porcupine, hyena and countless owl species, located by their glinting eyes and brought into sharp focus by high-powered spotlights.


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Written by: Suzanne Ross
Published: 25 October 2016

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