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5 reasons why Adelaide needs to be on your bucket list


When we think about where to go for a quick interstate getaway, Melbourne and Sydney are usually the top contenders, followed by just about anywhere in sunny Queensland. But what about poor old Adelaide, the often-forgotten Aussie city?



Over the years Adelaide has patiently built itself into a destination known for its thriving creative and cultural happenings.

Whether you find yourself there during the Adelaide Fringe Festival or manage to feast your eyes on the many monuments, sculptures, or installations of their public art scene, Adelaide’s reputation for culture precedes them.

Not to mention that Adelaide is known for its live music – after all, Cold Chisel, James Morrison, and the Hilltop Hoods were all born in Adelaide.




Let’s face it – food is the perfect excuse to visit any city, but Adelaide’s food will have you wanting to stay forever. 

With award-winning restaurants, a fresh food market that has been around since 1869, and a range of laneway cafes and hidden underground bars, Adelaide is a non-stop culinary delight. 

Oh, and don’t forget – just a short drive from Adelaide sits a plethora of famous wineries and cellar doors (if that’s not enough to make you want to stay, we don’t know what will). 



These days it seems travelling isn’t just about experiencing the destination – it’s about documenting it too.

If you’re the type of person that falls into the category of wanting to document your trip via social media, then Adelaide is the place for you.

Check out Parwana, the Afghan restaurant for its vibrantly coloured décor featuring beautiful tiles and art throughout, or Chicco Palms for its Instagram worthy food and décor, or Honeysuckle Lane for its cool street art.

Or better yet, just walk the streets and you’ll be guaranteed to stumble on some Insta worthy shots.  


The MAC Boutique Hotel



A weekend away in South Australia’s capital city can be made even better when you realise that the place is an untapped resource of incredible hotels.

Take The MAC Boutique Hotel for example – the once tired looking hotel has had an extensive make over which means it’s now a very affordable, yet very chic hotel right in the heart of Adelaide.

Renovations on the hotel were completely on the 1 June 2019, leaving guests with a fully refurbed hotel at a fraction of the price of other hotels.

Featuring all new furniture and décor throughout, new carpet, freshly painted walls, refurbished bathrooms, new window coverings, redesigned art scheme and a renovated reception, The MAC Boutique Hotel has put itself back on the map, along with the rest of the city. 

*Newly renovated Deluxe King Room at The MAC Boutique Hotel Adelaide. 



From the very tame adventure activities of hiking and kayaking, through to a park dedicated to adventure (Mega Adventure Park), Adelaide will delight any type of thrill seeker.

Whether it’s an Escape Room, a tree climb or an adventure that involves mountain biking, Adelaide has it all for those who like to get their heart rate up.


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Written by: Brendon Deeley
Published: 27 August 2019

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