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Spanish cities that will reveal the architecture lover in you

Tripfuser’s GRACE HOMER introduces us to four Spanish cities that will make you fall in love with architecture.

You may or may not identify as an ‘architecture buff’, but if you love to travel, chances are you appreciate beautiful buildings.


Incredible architecture inspires and even unites us in every structure, landmark and region we encounter, and in Spain, it’s no different.


Wearing its history proudly, this nation boasts some of the most amazing designs in Europe. And travelling from city to city, you‘ll be able to admire the distinct architectural styles of its monuments and historical centres.




Become enchanted by one of Spain’s most romantic cities, Seville

Seville will draw you in slowly with its laid back atmosphere, before seducing you entirely with its stunning monuments.

Seville’s historic centre, which is dominated by the 15th-century cathedral that is also the world’s third largest church, is the perfect place to begin a walk back in time through the city’s monuments.

At Plaza de Espana, you can admire an arched space which is fringed by early 20th-century buildings that are a mix of the Renaissance Revival and Moorish Revival styles of Spanish architecture.

Wandering past whitewashed buildings and along cobblestone streets, you’ll find yourself at one of Seville’s proudest monuments, the Alcazar.

The world’s oldest palace that’s still in use, the Alcazar has witnessed Seville’s vibrant 900-year history, from the Arabic period to the Middle Ages, right through to the Renaissance. If only these walls could talk.

Discover Seville’s captivating beauty on this 17-day journey through Spain's major cities.  




Be captivated by Granada’s Moorish beauty

Sprawling out from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Granada has long been a crossroads of culture, combining Islamic architecture and Moorish monuments with an incredible gastronomic scene.

Explore this vibrant, eclectic city by wandering through the Albayzín, Granada’s historic Arab quarter, and admiring the narrow alleyways packed with bohemian bars, boutique shops and bustling tapas bars.

A mix of palace, fort and medieval architecture, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Alhambra is an historic hilltop complex which can be admired from almost every point in the city.

With stunning gardens and serene patios scattered throughout its grounds, it has an unrivalled collection of architectural styles and Islamic decor.

Pair this with the rest of Granada’s spectacular landmarks, its intimate flamenco bars and impressive range of tapas, and you’ll struggle to leave this city.

Be enchanted by Granada’s incredibly historic monuments during this 19-day trip to Spain.




Gaze in awe at the oldest mosque in the world in Cordoba

Thriving in the Middle Ages as a major Islamic centre and before that, a burgeoning Roman city, Cordoba is brimming with culture, history and architectural beauty.

The lives and traditions of its previous settlers shine in Cordoba’s intriguing buildings and courtyards, but one monument dominates the city: La Mezquita.

One of the world's most stunning examples of Islamic architecture, the UNESCO-protected Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is an immense 8th-century structure.

Featuring 850 columns of marble, granite and Jasper as well as incredible Byzantine mosaics, this remarkable building is evidence of the various cultures that lived side by side in this city.

Of course, with a history as colourful is Cordoba’s, you’ll be spoilt for Moorish architecture and Roman remains too.

Cordoba’s historical beauty awaits you in this 22-day journey through the best of Spain’s architecture.




Discover the divinity of Spanish architecture in Barcelona

He wasn’t nicknamed ‘God’s Architect’ for nothing; Antoni Gaudi left behind an eccentric array of masterpieces in Barcelona that will have you believe he was of divine nature.

Barcelona is a lively cosmopolitan city, which combines Roman ruins, medieval quarters and some of the most beautiful examples of Modernist architectural style.

Home to the magnificent, yet unfinished Gaudi creation - Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter spills out into narrow Medieval streets where trendy bars and Catalan restaurants cosy up next to palaces and the grand cathedral.

Wander along Barcelona’s most famous street - Las Ramblas - admiring its street food and flower stalls, gaze in awe at the view from Gaudi’s quirky creation Park Guell, and take yourself on a discovery tour of the city’s incredible Romanesque, Baroque and Renaissance architecture.

Explore the wonders of Barcelona with this 13-day Spanish adventure.


Designing a trip that takes you to these sites and more with one of Tripfuser’s Local Agents will ensure a culturally-rich adventure packed with local experiences. Whether you want to hire a car and drive from one city to the next, or embark on a journey with a local guide by your side, Spain is a country that should be top of your list of places to see.


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Written by: Grace Homer
Published: 17 May 2019

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