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Famil review: a Tahitian tale

Here, ANN-CATHERINE JONES, Manager of Jones & Turner Travel Associates, enjoys some relaxed island vibes.

Most travel advisors have a bucket list of hotels to explore and immerse themselves in... and many of them are in Tahiti.



So receiving an invitation to explore some of the Islands of Tahiti with Nicci Foulsham from Tahiti Tourisme Australia was a welcome surprise.


I adore Tahiti and am passionate about the destination, having booked many travellers there over the years to experience one of the most memorable holidays they will ever have.


The itinerary for this famil trip was irresistible. We were invited to explore two renowned resorts, The Brando and Four Seasons Bora Bora, and one of the hidden gems of the Islands of Tahiti, Rangiroa.


Air Tahiti Nui is definitely the way to get to and from Papeete on the main island of Tahiti as the service onboard is polished and professional and definitely gets you feeling the ‘island vibes’.



The Brando on Tetiaroa is everything that you have heard whispered... and a little bit more. The natural beauty of Tetiaroa is undeniable and it is a haven for marine and birdlife.


Swimming in the pristine ‘billionaire’s pool’ and learning about the fascinating history of the Polynesian people on our excursion was wonderful – there are many excursion options for guests.


The inter-island flights are quick and easy. For anyone flying to Bora Bora I would recommend sitting on the left side of the aircraft to get the best views. There are also many wonderful resorts on Bora Bora and the Four Seasons is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful.


Completely spoiled with overwater bures, it was really difficult to tear ourselves away from our impressive rooms to be shown around the property, which had an exceptional spa and saltwater lagoon complete with coral garden to snorkel in.



We had a pre-dinner drink at the sunset bar followed by a relaxed and delicious meal with our toes in the sand at Fare Hoa Beach Bar and Grill while listening to the local DJ.


If you’re a spa addict, Intercontinental Thalasso Resort and Spa is a must – check out the new luxurious Brando Villas at this resort!


Next up was Rangiroa, which is an atoll located in the Tuamotus, about an hour’s flight from Bora Bora. The width of Rangiroa maxes out at 500 metres; in other parts it’s the width of a two-lane road! This is a diving and snorkelling haven as within the atoll is a natural aquarium full of vivid marine life and pods of dancing dolphins.


The resorts and guesthouse are local style and really charming – we stayed at the Kia Ora Resort in the sweetest Polynesian-style bures among the swaying palm trees. The excursion to ‘Le Lagoon Blue’ and swimming with baby sharks are a must!


Tahiti was as beautiful and exotic as I had imagined. However, it was also charming and full of surprises every single day.


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Published: 9 July 2018

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