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Immerse yourself in 50 shades of blue

The Islands of Tahiti, probably the most magnificent destination on Earth

With unrivalled natural beauty and secluded luxury, Tahiti and Her Islands are the world's pre-eminent paradisiac destination. Underlining the ethos that privacy is the ultimate luxury, the islands offer the ideal getaway for discerning travellers. So surreally beautiful it will take your breath away, it’s one of those rare places on Earth that looks better than the photos.





Tahiti, the Queen Island

Tahiti is the heartbeat of French Polynesia. Tahiti hosts beautiful sceneries and unveil to travellers an impressive and surprising number of archaeological sites. The Tahiti Peninsula is a world apart and can be explored in many different ways: black sand beaches on the East coast, white sand beaches on the West coast, rich underwater life, mythical surf spots, mountainous peaks and lush valleys…


Bora Bora, the first born

With infinite shades of blue, from the clearest aquamarine to the deepest topaz, Bora Bora is home to arguably the most beautiful lagoon in the world. The main island, a lush volcano surrounded by a ring of white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, forms the dramatic centrepiece of the tropical paradise. From any viewpoint, the lagoon is breathtaking.



Moorea, the Island of artists

This island gem is suited for any discovery whether you want to relax or indulge in its unforgettable and privileged marine life. Cut by a couple of majestic bays, the lush mountainous landscapes contrast with the crystal clear blue lagoon. Resort’s overwater bungalows and family pensions are scattered on beautiful white sand beaches, among flowered gardens… Painters, carvers, jewellers and tattooists have settled down on this island to capture its beauty and serenity and find the inspiration to create their art.


Tahaa, the vanilla island

The island looks like a huge colourful and scented garden where vanilla, a precious orchid, reigns as princess. Taha’a is also a superb lagoon… The scenery is perfect in and out of the water: Put your mask on and discover pristine coral gardens around the motu.




With average year-round temperatures around 30C, it's always a good time to visit French Polynesia. The beautiful crystal lagoons await…


Famous as a honeymoon destination, luxury and romance is at the heart of The Islands of Tahiti’s charm.  Resorts offer hours of relaxation in decadent spas, star-lit dinners on the beach, tropical cocktails by the pool and balmy days under the equatorial sun. Families are also welcome on this paradise with resorts offering the ultimate for wonderful family time.


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Published: 25 June 2015

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