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Six tips to making a Tahiti honeymoon a reality

Islands of Tahiti ranked amongst best honeymoon destinations in the world

Two Islands of Tahiti have been named in the top five honeymoon destinations in the world. In a recent list announced by U.S. News, Tahiti and Bora Bora ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively, dominating the top five. 


Perfect for visiting year round, The Islands of Tahiti’s crystal clear waters, beautiful natural landscapes, and its welcoming people make for an unforgettable romantic escape. 



Although Bora Bora is famed for its overwater bungalows and luxe accommodation, Tahiti also offers budget honeymoon (and holiday) options which makes the world’s best honeymoon destination accessible for a wide range of travellers and newlyweds. 


For more budget-friendly honeymoon seekers, a few great tips to make a Tahitian honeymoon a reality include: 


- Look beyond the iconic overwater bungalows for your accommodation. There’s plenty of options across the islands from hotels, pensions and even campsites.


- Immerse yourself in true Tahitian culture by staying in a pension (guesthouse) or with a local family.  This is a great – and cost-effective – way to experience the local cultures; you can find hidden gems around the islands, and learn about traditions and handicrafts. Have a look at the likes of Maupiti Residence or Pension Paparara on the north side of Fakarava, or Pension Ariitere on the north west side of Huahine. There’s also Cocoperle Lodge on the almost-untouched atoll, Ahe, which offers pensions and thatched-roof bungalows crafted entirely out of local materials.


- Wrap your arms around your man and take off sight-seeing on a scooter, or hire bikes to get around. 


-   Ask about all inclusive and half board packages at hotels, so that some or all of your meals are included in the price - and are paid for long before you step foot on a plane. 


- Choose activities that require little or no expense. Pack a locally sourced picnic and set off on a day trip or hike your way around the main island of Tahiti, with peaks offering incredible views. 


- Eat at one of the many food trucks dotted around Papeete’s Place Vai’ete for your final fill of poisson cru and French crêpes. With a truly amazing choice, find your favourites, take a seat at the picnic tables and listen to the live music playing in the background.


Of course if luxury is the preference, Bora Bora offers up five star luxury accommodation, fine dining, and even the most beautiful wine cellar in The Islands. 



Tahiti Tourisme takes agents on the trip of a lifetime

A group of Level 3 Travel Agents has just returned from a luxury famil in paradise, where they were hosted by Tahiti Tourisme Australia at some of the most coveted resorts on the planet.


Providing a firsthand experience of one of the most talked about destinations in the industry, Tahiti Tourisme Australia took the agents to five resorts to showcase the variety of holidays, destinations and activities that The Islands of Tahiti offer.


Arriving at each of their five destinations which included the Four Seasons, Bora Bora and The Brando, Tetiaroa – the agents were embraced by the magic of the islands and were in awe of the beauty and the atmosphere that welcomed them.


Living it up during the opportunity of a lifetime, the agents enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of The Islands of Tahiti and experienced firsthand the luxury that guests experience.


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Published: 16 April 2018

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