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Tahiti invites couples, families to star in campaign, & win trip to the islands

Starring real couples immersed in The Islands of Tahiti, Tahiti Tourisme debuts new digital video series “Two Stories/One Mana”

Tahiti Tourisme has launched Two Stories/One Mana”, a digital content campaign starring real travellers immersed in the iconic beauty and vibrant culture of The Islands of Tahiti. It premiered with the first of three video chapters filmed on-island with real couples cast from France and the US. To continue the series, Tahiti Tourisme is expanding its casting call worldwide and inviting real couples and families to audition online to star in upcoming videos.


“The experiences of the first three couples were so inspiring, we knew we had to do sequels,” said Tahiti Tourisme CEO Paul Sloan.  “‘Two Stories/One Mana’ brings the diversity and spirit of The Islands of Tahiti to life in a new and authentic way that aims to inspire travellers everywhere to picture themselves here.  People who are drawn to our beautiful private beaches and relaxing world-class resorts can also find amazing adventures and discover the vibrant Tahitian culture and unique French Polynesian style,” said Sloan.



“Two Stories/One Mana”, takes real travellers on a 10-day journey in The Islands of Tahiti and captures their experiences immersed in the islands’ secluded beauty, unique Tahitian culture, world-class luxury and wild terrain.


Chapter 1 debuted with French couple Michel and Elisabeth. It features their genuine experiences as they explore the islands and the different sides of “Mana”, which generations of Tahitians believe is the sacred spiritual force that surrounds and connects all living things. Tahiti Tourisme is the only Polynesian destination to use Mana in its branding efforts.


“Emphasising this powerful cultural concept brings authenticity to the brand and appeals to Tahiti’s target audience of ‘Discerning Explorers’ who want to experience a deeper, real connection when they travel,” said Greg Carson, chief creative officer of MeringCarson, the agency behind the campaign. “Highlighting Mana serves as a spiritual call-to-action for consumers to participate in the casting call or visit The Islands of Tahiti on their own.”  


Chapters 2 and 3, set for release in the coming weeks, feature the Mana stories of two other real couples cast last year who also got to enjoy the islands’ intriguing duality of experiences, from “getting away from it all” in an elegant overwater bungalow and lounging by a secluded lagoon, to “being a part of it all” with cultural immersion and adventure activities from the mountains to the sea.


To emphasise this diversity of experiences, all three couples in Chapters 1-3 were separated and sent on very different daily discoveries.  Their separation was kept secret and revealed to them on camera as a surprise twist upon arrival in the islands.


“We knew that spending their days apart might be surprising at first, but what we didn’t expect was how sharing their experiences together at the end of the trip would bring them closer as a couple, revealing new facets about each other in addition to the destination,” said Sloan.  “For the global audition, we will again seek out real travellers who are relatable, and whose genuine experiences captured on film will resonate with people.”


“Two Stories/One Mana” marks the second phase of Tahiti Tourisme’s global brand campaign “Embraced By Mana”, which was introduced in 2016 and designed to reset expectations for The Islands of Tahiti experience and increase The Islands of Tahiti’s share of global tourism to the South Pacific.


The new campaign includes a microsite,, and social media component to encourage auditions and long-term user-generated content.  Videos can also be accessed globally at  


Real couples and families seeking to star in Chapters 4-6 must submit an audition video by April 5. Selected stars will be announced in late April. In June, they will fly to The Islands of Tahiti for a filmed adventure highlighting the islands’ elegant luxury and intriguing culture and adventure.


“For the couples we hosted last year it was like the trip of a lifetime,” said Sloan. “We hope their videos inspire travellers everywhere – those who have ever wanted to visit The Islands of Tahiti for the first time or return for a new experience – to seek out and embrace their own Manahere on their next holiday.


In addition to featured traveller videos, the campaign includes digital and print ads in the US and in Canada as well as France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, U.K, Korea, Japan, China, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Brazil.


To learn more about Tahiti Tourisme’s “Two Stories/One Mana”, including the latest casting call and videos, plus audition information, go to


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Published: 5 March 2017

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