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Tahiti launches guesthouse portal

Tahiti Tourisme has announced the launch of a dedicated portal for guesthouses across the Islands of Tahiti, providing travelers with not only alternate accommodation options but also the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in Tahitian culture.



The portal provides a comprehensive listing of guesthouses across the Islands, with the ability to search by location and to take a peek inside an array of homes that could be where you lay your head next, plus facilitating direct contact with the property.  From stunning multi-family lodges to basic beach bungalows for two, the range of guesthouses creates a wealth of alternate accommodation options.


Already well regarded as a luxury destination, Tahiti’s lesser known guesthouses – or pensions - make for a very affordable holiday and the most perfect embodiment of local hospitality you could ask for. As most guesthouses are usually traditional Polynesian fare in locations that are not yet too well known, the surrounds are often incredibly scenic and staying in this style of accommodation not only opens the door to authentic Tahitian hospitality, but also parts of the islands that travellers may not otherwise venture to. 


Staying in a small family-run guesthouse is an opportunity for total immersion in the daily life of a Polynesian family, and in addition to the home-stay-style accommodation, hosts provide the opportunity to share, see, understand, feel and experience life in the islands as if you were a family member returning home. Examples of shared activities include fishing in the lagoon with your hosts; discovering local products and cuisine, or hiking the mountains with the family’s children in search of waterfalls and pools to swim in. 


Different styles of guesthouses can be found on almost all of the Islands, and cater to the needs of tourists looking for something other than a resort. Bed and breakfast guesthouses include furnished rooms or bungalows (four rooms at most) that are located adjacent to the family home, and come equipped with private or shared bathrooms. The overnight stay includes breakfast served in your room or in a common area, which could be the family dining room. Farés or “family residences” are guesthouses that include furnished bungalows (nine units at most), located near the family home and are equipped with private bathrooms and facilities for cooking and relaxing. They have a front desk, a common area reserved to guests and, if desired, they will provide daily housekeeping.


The welcoming and spontaneous warmth of a Polynesian family synonymous with a guesthouse stay is a unique experience that combines tourism in search of authenticity with friendliness, quiet and intimacy, discovery and open space. Staying in a guesthouse is also a way to play a role in safeguarding and protecting local heritage and the environment.


And far from an expensive holiday, you may find yourself budgeting to stay forever! (Well, at least a few more days than you initially planned.)  


Explore Tahiti Tourisme at


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Published: 20 June 2018

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