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Tahiti Tourism launches new Australian website

Welcome to digital paradise

Today, Tahiti Tourisme launches their new Australian website for arguably the world’s most beautiful destination.


Focused on fusing the latest digital offerings with the cultural significance of the Islands, the new site elicits the spirit of Mana at every step. Evident throughout the site from user experience to imagery, Mana is the life-force of the Islands and the cornerstone of the Tahiti Tourisme marketing campaign embraced by Mana.



Designed to provide increased functionality for both trade and travellers, the new site enables easy content updates from the backend, whilst those looking to visit The Islands of Tahiti will find the site super responsive as well as inspirational. The newly introduced 3-step process to finding the perfect holiday enables every aspect of a Tahitian holiday to be planned and booked in the one place. From finding your ideal experience, to discovering which of the 118 islands is for you, to booking your dream holiday, the new website has been designed to do it all.


Providing a fully comprehensive offering across 118 islands is no mean feat, and the site redesign and restructure has been in the works for over 12 months. With a focus that extends to the lesser known islands and activities possible throughout The Islands of Tahiti, the new site aims to encourage travellers who may not have previously thought of Tahiti, to consider the Islands. 


“The new site allows us to not only reintroduce The Islands of Tahiti to those who have already travelled, but to also connect with new markets,” says Rob Thompson, Director of Tahiti Tourisme Australia and New Zealand. “The hidden Islands of Tahiti and the lesser known activities including adventure holidays, hiking, sports, even camping, are all there to be discovered by new audiences such as millennials or families who may not have ever thought our Islands can offer those things.”


The Islands of Tahiti continues to grow in popularity with travellers from Australia, and the destination is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful. 


Check out the website at 


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Published: 20 October 2017

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