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Five must-see places in Alaska

Chase the top of the world and see the northern lights

Image Visit Anchorage


Alaska offers endless opportunities to be amazed. With landscapes of inconceivable beauty and an abundance of wildlife, Alaska provides a truly unique visual adventure. Fly into Anchorage and take a trip around Alaska’s southeast to experience some highlights of this majestic state.



Visiting Alaska’s most populous city is something you can’t miss. Anchorage is the perfect combination of metropolitan vibes and breathtaking nature, and was featured on National Geographic Traveler’s “Best of the World 2017” list. Hiking to a glacier, fishing at the world’s largest urban fishery, and exploring Alaska’s unique blend of Russian, Native American, gold rush and pioneer history are just a hint of what you can expect to find in Anchorage. 


Kenai River (Image Amy Moore/G Adventures)



Located in the Kenai Peninsula about 350 kms from Anchorage and nicknamed “the cosmic hamlet by the sea”, Homer is one of the most densely populated brown bear areas in the world. Keen to see bears in action fishing for salmon? You’ve come to the right place. Want to see the rich marine wildlife up close? Kayak or take a water taxi to explore Kachemak Bay, where the clear waters will allow you to peek at bright starfish and octopus. Explore nearby Halibut Cove, a unique fishing and artists' enclave where the roads are made of water, and of course, try your hand at the local sport - fishing for halibut.



Named after Lincoln’s Secretary of State, William H. Seward (who organised Russia’s purchase of Alaska), this is the pathway to the mesmerising Kenai Fjords National Park. Seward is home to the SeaLife Center, a cold water marine institute dedicated to the protection of the marine environment of the region. Other attractions of the city include the well-known, astonishing Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. This active glacier is constantly in movement, changing geography by the second. You can walk very close to it on trails, but take a ranger-led walk for extra safety. 


Seward Highway (Image Amy Moore/G Adventures)


Tangle Lakes

The Tangle Lakes area is a group of lakes connected by streams, where the famous Delta River begins. If you’re an avid fisher, Tangle Lakes is a destination you can’t overlook. The rivers and lakes feature a wide array of fish species, the most common being the tundra. Various hiking trails are available for exploration, as well as the Gulkana Salmon Hatchery, views of the amazing Round Tangle Lake and more. 


Denali National Park and Preserve

This awe-inspiring Denali National Park covers an area of 24,500 square kilometres (bigger than the east coast of the state of Massachusetts). The highest peak in North America, Denali mountain, is the center and main attraction of the national park. Other attractions include ever-changing glaciers, rivers, majestic parklands, distinctive wildlife (including the golden eagle, moose and grizzly bear), skiing, northern light-viewing, rafting, fishing and hiking in the warmer months. One of the most popular walks is the 90-mile Denali Park Road walk, which private vehicles are unable to access after mile 15.


Mt Denali


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Written by: Joe Olds
Published: 8 August 2017

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