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Vanuatu - Spirit Of Adventure

The Pacific Islands are famous for white sandy beaches suitable for lazing away the day. But if you want to mix up your holiday with bit of adventure, here’s our pick of the best days out.

What could be more adventurous than diving wrecks, scaling waterfalls and peering into volcanoes?

Being one of the world’s most accessible volcanoes, the Yasur Volcano is one of the island of Tanna’s most famous attractions. After a two-hour drive from the airport, it’s a 10-minute walk to the viewing areas where you can look over the rim into the crater. You can even send a postcard from the volcano with Vanuatu Post. You can even go volcano sand-surfing in Tanna, where your body controls the speed.

Yasur eruption

A visit to the Twin Volcanoes, Marum and Benbow in Ambrym, involves a full day’s trek through thick vegetation and is definitely an activity for the more fit and adventurous travellers.

Try abseiling down the 50 metre Mele Cascades Waterfall in Efate with Edge Adventure Tours. The first 25 metre drop offers a scenic view when passing through the cave; the final drop takes you into a chest-deep swimming hole.

A trip to the Millennium Cave in Espiritu Santo will take you off-road, across creeks and through rainforests to Vanuatu’s largest cave. It is three to four kilometres long, 50 metres high and once inside a bamboo bridge takes you from the mouth down to a crystal clear pool.

Santo is also where you’ll find the world famous SS President Coolidge, whose bow sits 20 metres below the surface and her stern reaches depths of 70 metres. The Coolidge started life as a luxury liner before she was requisitioned for wartime duties and has now retired to the seabed, surrounded by corals and inhabited by turtles and moray eels.;



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Published: 28 February 2014

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