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Vanuatu Tourism unveils new brand

VTO urges travellers to ‘Answer the call of Vanuatu’

This is the new marketing rally cry for Vanuatu, unveiled by the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) today in Port Vila.  After an extensive research and development phase, the new campaign has been released across Australia, New Zealand, the tourism industry and community in Vanuatu.


“Visitors to Vanuatu always have such a strong connection to Vanuatu when they visit and it is this connection and engagement with the people and the place that we have aimed to capture,” said Ms Adela Issachar Aru, CEO of the Vanuatu Tourism Office.



“It was imperative to the VTO that we capture the essence of Ni-Vanuatu people in our marketing program as our research says this is always at the core of any holiday experience in Vanuatu,” said Ms Issachar Aru.. We believe we have achieved this by sharing moments enjoyed by visitors every day.


“We have presented Vanuatu in a fun, light-hearted, and cheeky way. This is our approach to life in Vanuatu and what we know people love when they visit. 


“They say life is about moments! There are moments that make us laugh, cry, change our perspective and open our eyes and hearts. The moments we remember are those of consequence and significance – the ones we file away in the scrapbooks of our lives.


“That’s especially true when it comes to holidays and creating moments to treasure. So, it makes sense that when you Answer the Call of Vanuatu, you’ll be swept away in a range of incredible moments that will make you feel good. It is these moments that you will see captured across our marketing channels.”


We have captured but a handful of moments and we will be working with our tourism industry partners, visitors and local community to grow our Vanuatu Moments and share them with their friends, family and networks.         


Answer the Call of Vanuatu is more than just a campaign. Over time it is our goal that it will become a way of doing business for the tourism industry. We aim to integrate the sentiment of Answering the Call of Vanuatu into a range of programs that improve the Vanuatu visitor experience. This includes customer service, environmental practises and how we tell our stories about our kastoms and cultures.



“Vanuatu is looking towards the future with the release of the new brand campaign. It is one that will take us through our next stage of growth. This year saw Air Vanuatu commence new services from Melbourne to Port Vila and increased capacity from Auckland,” said Ms Issachar Aru.


“The Vanuatu Government has also completed works on runways in both Espiritu Santo and Port Vila and we hope to see other airlines bringing many more visitors to our shores from all over the world.  


“The Vanuatu Tourism Office needs to ensure that Vanuatu is on the holiday shopping list of our target markets to ensure Vanuatu is placed to take advantage of these upgrades to our tourism experience.


“We believe that tourism can lead the future prosperity of Vanuatu. We invite the world to visit Vanuatu for a real, life changing adventure,” said Ms Issachar Aru. 


Our Partners

The creative agency working with the Vanuatu Tourism Office to produce the new brand is The Engine Group, based in Brisbane. The Engine team has worked tirelessly through a program of brand review and creative development. This new take on the Vanuatu brand brings a connection and emotion to our destination marketing that that we have never captured before.  


Taxi Film Productions and Director, Tristan Houghton, has delivered amazing visuals of Vanuatu, including from some never before filmed locations. Vanuatu provided the movie sets but the team at Taxi have made them come to life in a way we’ve never seen before. 


For trade updates on Vanuatu please visit and consumer updates at


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Published: 23 August 2019

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