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Beyond the quokka on Rottnest Island

Any social media slave worth their salt understands the value of a quokka selfie - just ask Roger Federer or Hugh Jackman. But there’s more to ‘Rotto’ than this cute marsupial.

A long loved getaway for locals, Rottnest Island, or Rotto as it’s more affectionately known, is the perfect side trip for visitors to Perth.


Rottnest Fast Ferries departs regularly from Hillarys Boat Harbour over the summer period and takes just 45 minutes. 


On arrival, we checked into the Karma Rottnest, conveniently located just five minutes walk from the jetty. 



Rottnest isn’t known for its five star accommodation, and having travelled to the island a few times, I wasn’t expecting much, but our Premium Lakeside room at Karma Resort was by far the best accommodation we’ve had so far on ‘Rotto’.


The stand out features at Karma Resort were the views of the lake, the friendly quokkas that hung out on my patio, the staff, the pool and the laid back/chill feel.



My first port of call was the newly opened Karma Spa and Apothecary massage bar. After a consultation with my therapist, Kristal, I sampled a heavenly one hour, full body Swedish/Balinese style healing massage. It was firm enough to give muscle relief yet gentle enough to make me relax, switch off and drift into my own world. I felt confident that Kristal had listened to my needs and tailored my massage to help my various ailments.


I also came away more knowledgeable on the healing benefits of magnesium - ever hopeful it will help my dodgy shoulder.



But what really impressed me is that this is not just any old treatment you could get anywhere. Here, therapists work with local artisans to create a selection of spa products that reflect the natural beauty of Rottnest and its ocean surrounds.  


We spent the rest of the afternoon at the famed Hotel Rottnest with its marvellous views, plenty of quokkas, a peacock, good company and a great vibe. There’s also other options dining/cafe options such as Thomsons, The Dome, Frankies and the bakery is good for take away lunches.



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Written by: Debbie Sproule
Published: 21 November 2018

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