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Swim with majestic whale sharks in Western Australia

Western Australia’s 2015 whale shark season is expected to commence in March so it’s time to start planning your trip to this stunning coral coast region.


World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef is one of the few places on Earth where you can swim with whale sharks - the world's largest fish. A face-to-fin encounter with these gentle giants is a truly awesome and humbling experience.


Globally, it's very rare to find these creatures so close to shore, but they visit Ningaloo every year between March and July (with the season often stretching through to August and September). From June to November, you may also witness humpback whales making their annual migration.


To get close to the action, join a whale shark snorkel tour from Exmouth or Coral Bay. These tours boast a whale shark swim with a success rate of nearly 95 per cent.


Whale sharks can grow up to 16 metres (52.5 feet) with a mouth over a metre wide, designed to scoop up plankton and krill. Lucky for us humans, they are filter feeders and completely harmless.


The 300 kilometre long, pristine Ningaloo Reef is the closest coral barrier reef to a land mass in the world, and is also high amongst the most biologically diverse marine environments on the planet.


Flights from Perth get you to nearby Learmonth airport in two and a half hours. Alternatively, you can make the two day drive from Perth to Coral Bay or Exmouth, or join an extended guided tour.


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Published: 21 January 2015

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