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Editorial Calendar - 2016

Issue Report Theme Deadline
Feb 2016 UK/Ireland, Asia - Thailand/China, New Zealand, South America 15 Jan
March 2016Consumer and Trade Bumper Edition SE Asia - Bali/Thailand, UK & Europe, Pacific Islands, Adventure/South America, USA, Western Australia 12 Feb
April 2016 Europe, New Zealand, Asia - Vietnam/Cambodia, Pacific Islands, 18 Mar
May 2016 Asian Escapes, China, South America, USA/Canada, Hawaii 15 Apr
June 2016Consumer and Trade Bumper Edition Europe, India, Bali, Luxury Travel, Hawaii, Pacific Islands, Western Australia, USA, Family Travel 13 May
July 2016 River Cruising, South Africa, Luxury Travel, Pacific Islands, USA, Medical Travel 17 Jun
August 2016 Asia - Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam, China, New Zealand, UK/Ireland, New Caledonia, Mediterranean 15 Jul
September 2016Consumer and Trade Bumper Edition Europe, South Africa, Central America, Asian Escapes - Bali, India, Romantic Holidays, Hawaii 12 Aug
October 2016 China, UK/Ireland, Pacific Islands, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, Western Australia 16 Sep
November 2016 What's Hot in 2017, Family Holidays in Asia, Canada/North America, Hawaii, South Africa 14 Oct
December 2016Consumer and Trade Bumper Edition Bali, Europe, Romantic Holidays, Adventure Travel, Western Australia, Hawaii, South Africa 11 Nov
Regular Monthly Reports Cruisetalk, Skytalk, Propertytalk, Agenttalk (Trade Issues Only), Smart Business (Trade Issues Only), Newstalk
Regular Quarterly Reports Drive Holidays

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