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Editorial Calendar - 2019

Issue Report Theme Deadline
Feb 2019 Adventure Travel, UK/Ireland, Rail Travel, Asian Escapes, Winter Breaks, Agenttalk, Propertytalk, Skytalk, Cruisetalk 9 Jan
March 2019 River Cruising, Bali, Europe, Adventure Travel, Romantic Holidays, Drive Holidays, Skytalk, Cruisetalk, Propertytalk 1 Feb
May 2019 Hawaii, Canada, Luxury Travel, Asian Escapes, Experiential Travel, Europe, Agenttalk, Propertytalk, Skytalk, Cruisetalk, Book it Now 1 Apr
June 2019 Adventure Travel, Hawaii, Bali/Asian Escapes, Pacific Islands, UK/Europe Short Breaks, Drive Holidays, Propertytalk, Skytalk, Cruisetalk 1 May
August 2019 NTIA Awards, Health and Wellness, Domestic Tourism, Europe, South Africa, South America, Canada Agenttalk, Skytalk, Propertytalk, Cruisetalk 1 Jul
Sept 2019 Hawaii, Romantic Holidays, Rail Travel, Romantic Travel, Europe, River Cruising, Luxury Travel, Drive Holidays Propertytalk, Skytalk, Cruisetalk, Book it Now 1 Aug
Oct 2019 Pacific Islands, Europe, Asian Escapes, Philippines, USA, Experiential Tourism, River Cruising Agenttalk, Skytalk, Cruisetalk, Propertytalk 2 Sep
Nov 2019 What's Hot in 2020, Book it Now, Agenttalk, Skytalk, Cruisetalk, Propertytalk 6 Oct
Dec 2019 Hawaii, Asian Escapes, South Africa, UK & Ireland, Europe/River cruising, Romantic holidays, Domestic Tourism, Drive holidays, Senior Travel, Skytalk, Cruisetalk, Propertytalk 1 Nov

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