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Airbnb dubs hotel industry trade group a 'cartel'

It seems the hotel industry thinks as much of the start-up upstart Airbnb as a logical person does an internet troll. That is, not much. And it's now pretty clear that the feeling is mutual.

The ongoing rift between the so-called home-sharing network Airbnb and traditional accommodation providers is likely now irreparable following recent comments made by an Airbnb spokesperson.


In response to reports that the American Hotel and Lodging Association has engaged in a "multipronged" campaign to limit Airbnb's expansion, an Airbnb spokesperson told The New York Times that "the hotel cartel is intent on short-sheeting the middle class so they can keep price-gouging consumers".


The hotel association has claimed that its campaign to constrain the network isn't due to Airbnb's financial impact on hotels, but rather that it wants to ensure that it is abiding by the same regulations that hotel operators must follow.


"Airbnb is operating a lodging industry, but it is not playing by the same rules," American Hotel and Lodging Association vice president for state and local government affairs Troy Flanagan told the Times.


"We are trying to showcase and bust the myth that Airbnb supports mom and pop and helps them make extra money. Homesharing is not what this is about."


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 18 April 2017

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