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CHECK OUT THE PICTURES: Adults-only resort with unfortunate top view

Kids aren’t allowed in this luxury eco hotel. They probably shouldn’t be allowed to fly over it either.

“An eco sanctuary on the rugged Cornish clifftops, just for adults.” That’s how Scarlet Hotel in Mawgan Porth advertises itself. It really pushes the fact that it’s an adult only retreat. 


And while that usually means you won’t have kids screaming around the buffet breakfast or seeing in the pool, locals have pointed out that it could be because of the building’s shape. 


Unfortunately (or possibly deliberately), the building resembles a penis. 


“I don‘t understand how it got as far as being built when the whole thing is an architectural kn*b gag,” local Colin Peake told the Daily Mail. 


“I just think it’s weird that it’s won awards and nobody’s turned around and gone ’hang on, this really looks like (a penis)’.


So of course Traveltalk jumped onto Google Maps and— well, see for yourself.




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Published: 10 March 2022

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