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CHEF TALK: Chad Miskiemicz Head Chef at Samuels on Mill

Chad Miskiemicz is Head Chef at Samuels on Mill at Parmelia Hilton. He has been with the hotel since 1998 and has worked with his team of chefs to create a contemporary and inspired menu for Samuels on Mill. The approachable yet refined menu features local-first dishes which hero WA’s best seasonal produce and native ingredients, from Baldivis tomatoes and Shark Bay scallops to Treeton Farm beef and Linley Valley pork.


Chad values the fact he can always source great local produce from terrific suppliers and work with a multicultural team of chefs to bring diversity and creativity to the menu. From a young age, Chad always knew he wanted to be a chef and enjoyed cooking from 13 years onwards, making Anzac cookies and chocolate cake. He is fanatical about food in every respect, from produce to plating, and this comes across in his elegance and ingenuity when creating menus at Samuels on Mill.


We sat down with Chad to get the low down on the Perth foodie scene:



What three ingredients are always in your kitchen? 

I can’t go without butter, olive oil & salt, to me these are the staple ingredients to create a stellar dish. 


Where is your favourite place to travel and what do you like to eat while there? 

When we were able to travel, I would travel back to my wife’s home country of Indonesia, to the city Bandung. I’ve always been fascinated with Padang cuisine and the variety of food available in Asia. The quirkiest memory I have in Bandung is the way the locals deliver food to the table, carrying nearly 20 small plates lined along both of their arms! 


What do people need to know about Perth’s food scene? 

The Perth food scene has improved a lot over the last 5 years, the talent coming out of Perth is great with eager young chefs emerging from small kitchens showcasing their style and flare. It’s positive to see Perth customers are starting to appreciate food in a more profound way. These days there’s no need to travel to Melbourne to have your tastes buds tantalised, Perth has it all. 


Do you eat the meals provided on planes? Why/why not  

When travelling I do usually get a meal on the flight, sometimes they are hit and miss but I don’t expect a 5-star meal in economy! The times I have eaten on a plane the meals have been enjoyable and served a purpose. 


Check out Chad’s recipe for Homemade Gnocchi with Sage & Walnut Butter, Crisp Kale & Parmesan Cheese.



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Published: 17 May 2021

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