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CHEF TALK: The Ritz Carlton Perth’s Danny Feng

Executive sous chef DANNY FENG has taken the helm of The Ritz Carlton Perth’s Hearth restaurant. Here, he shares his views on the food scene in Australia, inflight dining, and his ultimate comfort food.


What is exciting you about the current culinary scene in Australia?

I think the most exciting thing about Australia’s culinary scene at the moment is an increased focus on sustainability. Chefs are now more than ever looking at supporting local suppliers and utilising local produce, and it’s great to see philosophies that emphasise sustainability at the forefront.  

On another note it has been great to see a strong focus on wellbeing and mental health within the industry.


How would you improve inflight dining?

In-flight dining presents an opportunity to bring an element of exploration or the destination to the traveller before they even arrive. It would be great to see more dishes which tie in to the travel destination incorporated into the menu – bringing guests a little taste of what to expect when they land.  

I also think it would be great to have smaller portion sizes served more frequently (which would cater toward different appetites but also give travellers a chance to experience a wider variety of dishes). 


What do you think is the most versatile ingredient?



Is there any food you can’t eat?

Thankfully no, I’m happy to try anything.


What’s your ultimate comfort meal?

Definitely a bowl of hot noodle soup – it’s a classic that you just can’t go wrong with, and to me the epitome of comfort food.


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Published: 16 August 2021

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